9:20pm August 1, 2014
circuit board tee

circuit board tee

8:44am August 1, 2014
h-a-l-f-a-h-e-a-d asked: A person who can't fall asleep when the room is completely silent so their robot will make a little whirring noise to lull them to sleep

uvu <3

6:33am August 1, 2014
h-a-l-f-a-h-e-a-d asked: a robot who is very precise about measurements and ingrediants when following a recipe and gets stressed when their human just seasons by taste or starts adding things


4:22am August 1, 2014
Anonymous asked: Hey I have a perfect robot pickup line: my drive is hard for you
1:33am August 1, 2014

Adam, Lexus, Sona, Alice

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4:22am July 30, 2014

random shit


random shit

2:11am July 30, 2014
revolveroceelot asked: a cute robot dating a cyborg and the cyborg's fingers sometimes extend and there wires where there bones connect show sometime's and the robot's hands are sometimes hard to move cause they're so rusty so when the robo couples hold hands they get stuck sometimes and the the cyborg is like "babe,babe stop, i want my hand back" and then they have to go to a mechanic to get seperated cause some of the cyborg's cords are really important
9:49pm July 29, 2014
cclears asked: an android manipulating its skin layer to be different patterns and experimenting until it finds its favorite color scheme and joining in pride parades and changing to the color scheme of the parade's flags