4:01am July 24, 2014
10:21pm July 23, 2014
Anonymous asked: You mention Mimi often... who is her/he?

Mimi is my friend and we have a lot of fun talking about robot ocs together






10:06pm July 23, 2014

july 23 2014: blue officially goes too far in thinking of ways to be awful to his robot ocs and cries about it all day

8:01pm July 23, 2014
4:03pm July 23, 2014
gaybabyofficer asked: imagine a robot finding their human asleep at a desk mid-project and instead of covering them with a blanket, the human wakes up to a clean desk and all their work done
12:03pm July 23, 2014
Anonymous asked: an android that thinks it's human that has never been around actual humans. when it makes human friends they freak out when they complain about cramps/headaches and the android gets out a screwdriver. the android doesn't understand, isn't this how humans work?? it unscrews its chest plate to show the human. the human trying to explain to the android that this doesn't normally happen
8:02am July 23, 2014
lifeinretrograde asked: A robot professor of science which becomes interested in one of his human students because she majors in robot psychology and wants to understand himself. They both spend hours chatting in Starbucks drinking coffee and recharging batteries.
4:01am July 23, 2014
detectiverobomonkey asked: My robot OC Graceling is a very professional speaker and international diplomat and she totally loses all form when asking out a fellow robo-student or talking to a baby animal. It's like magic.
2:03am July 23, 2014
Anonymous asked: you're a huge cutie and you can spill ice all over my floor all you want, ilu

i am ready with the ice machine

1:59am July 23, 2014
Anonymous asked: a couple of months before i graduated high school i snuck out of the house to meet a boy. i wound up breaking my foot running into a wall and i had to explain to my mom and dad why i was at the emergency room at 1am with a boy and a broken foot. it's been 4 years and they still like to bring it up

okay for some reason when you said “running into a wall” i thought you meant like. you literally ran head-first into a wall intentionally